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NeuraView - Vizualizarea, editarea si tiparirea documentelor

NeuraView reprezinta solutia pentru a afisa, edita, procesa, adnota si tipari documente mari. NeuraView va citi orice formate standard de imagini TIFF, JPG, BMP, PDS, PDF, CGM, EMF si LAS (color, cu nuante de gri sau alb-negru) si va afisa imaginea respectiva in fereastra de vizualizare. Din aceasta interfata, utilizatorii pot derula, mari si roti imaginea respectiva. De asemenea, poate fi salvata si tiparita orice portiune izolata dorita a imaginii alese.

Vizualizare - caracteristici:

Incarcare si vizualizare imagini TIFF si JPG - color, nuante de gri, alb-negru:

  • Rotate - 90, 180, 270, free rotation
  • Mirror
  • Invert B&W images
  • Turn any colors on/off to convert color to B&W image
  • Select colors in image or in color bar
  • Very large images supported
  • Image Properties View

Incarcare si vizualizare format LAS (Log ASCII Standard) pentru log-urile de forare:

  • Curve and Track Attributes set with LAS Template
  • Customizable LAS Scales
  • Well headers displayed in LAS file
  • Integrated SendTo Text Editor
  • LAS Properties View
  • Log (LE), Scanner (SE) and Network (NE) Versions

Incarcare si vizualizare orice numar de documente impreuna (TIFF, JPG, LAS):

  • Scroll and Zoom
  • Lock Scroll of all open documents together
  • Zoom All open documents to current Zoom
  • Tile View and Correlation View to arrange and align open documents
  • Select and Copy Area to any Windows Application

Suport LAS imbunatatit:
Vizualizare si editare de fisiere LAS

  • Full LAS header
  • Custom Logo
  • User Templates
  • Curve fill: solid color or gradient fills

Suport PDF:

  • Open and export PDF files
  • Automatically remove page breaks

Editare - caracteristici:

Stitch and Crop Images and Image Pieces to New Document:

  • Select any number of images or image pieces for Stitching/Cropping
  • Move selection
  • Resize
  • Rearrange
  • Rotate
  • Remove
  • Layer
  • View Image Borders for fine alignment in Workspace
  • BW/Color/Greyscale - Max # of colors preserved
  • Various TIFF DPI - Lowest DPI preserved
  • TIFF and JPG - TIFF created

Instant Rescan

Advanced Image Stitching and Splicing

  • Assemble scanned maps and logs
  • Add logos to presentations
  • Clean up borders on scanned images
  • Crop image pieces to save and print

Annotation & Markup

  • Adjustable fonts and sizes
  • Multi-line text
  • Movable text blocks
  • Text Borders On/Off
  • Insert fills
  • Add custom images and shapes

Tiparire si scanare - caracteristici:


  • Scale or Fit-to-Page print selection
  • Tile images to multiple pages Width and/or Height
  • Original document or stitched/cropped documents you create


  • Integrated with the NeuraScanner Well Log Scanner

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