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Symantec DLP 15.8 Enables Discovering Sensitive Information Across Web Applications

Data: 03 februarie 2021

Sursa: https://symantec-enterprise-blogs.security.com/blogs/product-insights/symantec-dlp-158-enables-disco

Important Enhancements to Symantec DLP Discover Web Server Scanner

We are continuing with our blog series on the upcoming DLP 15.8 release; a release that further increases the operational ease of protecting data. To help organizations scan data on a wide range of websites and web applications, we are excited to tell you about the enhancements made to the Symantec DLP Discover Web Server Scanner.

Symantec DLP Web Server Scanner

Today, enterprise information can be found in multiple places on the web: in SharePoint, OneDrive, Confluence, Jive, and more. Therefore, customers have a need to find sensitive information across any and all of these repositories, and then ensure the right protection is in place.

The ideal approach to discover sensitive information in these repositories is for DLP to have an API based integration with the repository. This integration would give DLP complete control in finding sensitive information and also take protective actions. However, this approach has practical limitations, and only a subset of these applications can be supported using an API based integration. Which means that this leaves customers with no visibility across a wide array of applications.

To help organizations scan data on a wide range of websites and web applications, we are excited to tell you about the enhancements made to the Symantec DLP Discover Web Server Scanner.

The enhanced Symantec DLP Web Server Scanner solves for this limitation and provides customers with the visibility that’s needed. The Web Server Scanner is a general purpose tool which can be used to scan websites and web applications for sensitive information. The scanner takes a best effort approach to scan the website content and find sensitive information.

What’s New?

With the release of DLP 15.8, we have made several, important enhancements to the Web Server Scanner:

The Web Server Scanner is now bundled with the DLP Discover/Detection server, removing the need to separately deploy and install the scanner. This reduces the time and effort to set up, manage and execute scans. Also, when it comes to information detection technologies, the enhanced Web Server Scanner is on par with those supported by DLP Discover/Detection server. It supports all DLP detection techniques including Sensitive Image Recognition (SIR).

We have extended support for scanning websites using versions up to TLS v1.3 (the latest version). In addition it includes the ability to support container file types like zip, word, etc. handled differently by certain repositories like Jive.

We have also enhanced the manageability via Enforce management console, so now customers can start/stop a scan, specify the websites they would like to scan, which in turn simplifies the management of scans from Enforce.

Customers Are Protected

At Symantec, as a division of Broadcom, we are committed to help our customers find and protect sensitive information wherever it resides. These improvements to the Web server scanner are an important step in that direction, and is just one of the many improvements available in DLP 15.8.


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