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Wide heterogeneous support - More storage flexibility. Less hardware-vendor dependence.

InfoScale Foundation supports a wide range of storage devices, operating systems, and virtualization technologies, enabling you to provision and manage your storage independently of hardware types and platforms.

Veritas works closely with the various vendors to qualify versions for interoperability to help ensure trouble-free operation.

Dynamic multi-pathing (DMP) - Enhance your I/O performance and availability

In the event of a storage path failure, our dynamic multi-pathing (DMP) technology reroutes I/Os to other available data paths. This improves storage I/O performance and availability across heterogeneous server and storage platforms.

It also automatically restores failed paths that become healthy.

The component focused on VMware ESX–attached storage integrates with VMware vCenter to provide administrative and monitoring capability within the VMware environment, as well as offering command line management and configuration.

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