• InfoScale Operations Manager

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Centralized visibility and management - Minimize risks while understanding and managing environment

InfoScale Operations Manager provides visibility across your InfoScale deployment. Alerting and role-based access mean users can learn about and react to events to minimize operational risk.

Key features include:

  • Multi-cluster management
  • Customizable interfaces
  • Centralized audit recording

Automation for better and easy control - Standardize and accelerate operations

InfoScale Operations Manager enables consistency and speed, with features such as:

  • Virtual Business Services (VBS) – for dependency-aware orchestration
  • Recovery automation – for controlling multi-tier applications
  • Built-in wizards – for SmartIO and flexible storage sharing
  • Policy-driven operations – for data migration and thin reclamation

Extensive reporting - Understand environment and optimize use

Detailed reporting enables detailed understanding. InfoScale Operations Manager supports your decision making through extensive reporting on four key dimensions:

  • Server
  • Storage
  • Availability
  • Licenses

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