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Business continuity made easy - Predictability, automation and simplicity for your IT Service Continuity tasks

Your IT Services are spread across the globe. They are running across connected layers, each built using multi-vendor operating systems, physical servers, virtualization technologies, and clustering solutions. Some components may even be running in the cloud.

Resiliency Platform provides a unified solution that reduces complexity while delivering the complete visibility and proactive recovery that helps you and helps ensure business continuity across your global IT landscapes with complete visibility and proactive recovery landscape.

Streamline your business continuity operations - Predictability, automation and simplicity with one dashboard

Veritas Resiliency Platform is built on three business continuity pillars: predictability, automation, and simplicity.

The web-based dashboard gives you visibility into the real-time health of your business applications wherever they reside, making it easy to make better business decisions and predictably meet service level agreements.

Single-click automation lets you migrate business services across sites, as well as test business-service recovery at an application, virtual machine, multitier service, or entire-site level.

Resiliency Platform can be deployed without a rip and replace, adding immediate value to your business.

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