Make Smarter Business Decisions
Extract and transform MCP host data with ease.


When corporate decision makers need business data, they expect ready-to-use, up-to-date results. That expectation poses an IT challenge in Unisys environments where DMSII databases are non-relational, while business intelligence (BI) tools support databases that are exclusively relational. Databridge (formerly Attachmate Databridge) inspires cooperation between BI and DMSII in your data-driven environment.

Make better decisions.
Use previously unreachable DMSII data for business analysis.

Generate intelligence.
Integrate DMSII data, analyze trends, and create reports.

Stay current.
Use Changed Data Capture technology to keep DMSII data current.

Cut costs.
Control consumption of MIPS resources by offloading DMSII queries to a secondary database.

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