eDiscovery Platform

Under pressure to quickly respond to legal matters and regulatory requests? The eDiscovery Platform is designed for you. We take speed to resolution seriously and have designed a simple, intuitive interface for customers that take it seriously, too.
The robust functionality built into eDiscovery Platform includes:
– A consumer-grade design that dramatically lowers the learning curve and spurs immediate action
– Workflow automation that reduces manual effort and mitigates human error
– Quick deployment through a purpose-built appliance, software, or hosted as a service
World-class analysis starts with the eDiscovery Platform
It’s not easy being an investigator. With deadlines pending and thousands of documents to review, there’s no time to fool around with disjointed solutions to get eDiscovery done. From ECA and keywords to concepts and TAR, the eDiscovery Platform provides the ultimate analysis toolkit for isolating potentially relevant items, revealing context, and prioritizing what’s most important.
– Patented email threading provides incredible context and insight
– Powerful auto-filters make it easy to get rid of junk quickly
– Transparent search provides a roadmap for your next step

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