InfoConnect Desktop

A Clear Path To Unisys
Terminal emulators, print options, and dev tools for organizations that can’t tolerate mistakes or delays.


Unisys mainframes handle some of the world’s most demanding workloads—from the highly competitive airline industry to the U.S. government. Making sure you have a clear, unobstructed path to those systems is essential to your business. The InfoConnect Desktop family (formerly Attachmate InfoConnect Desktop family) of terminal emulators, print delivery options, and software development tools delivers the industrial-strength connections you need.

Make critical connections.
Connect business users and customers to enterprise systems—from TPF, ALCS, and GDS hosts to IBM, Unisys, UNIX/VMS, and HP machines.

Reinforce security.
Protect data with SSL, FIPS 140-2 certification, and CASL and Basic macro encryption.

Print as needed.
Print from any host to any peripheral device.

– Infoconnect Desktop for Airlines
– Infoconnect Desktop Pro for Unisys

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