Information Map

Visualizing unstructured data
Provide an immersive visual experience for users to gain insight into your organization’s unstructured information. Presenting metadata in a visual fashion, the Information Map helps organizations optimize information storage and reduce information risk.
– Aggregates a comprehensive, continuous, and consistent representation of your global information environment
– Provides visibility into that environment to identify areas of risk, areas of value, and areas of waste
– Delivers that visibility in dynamic form, so users can adjust the context to aid in decision making
– Offers an integrated platform vision that maximizes technology investment in the future
Curbing unstructured data growth
Organizations are realizing that 30% of their data is redundant, outdated, or trivial, yet they continue to store this information in perpetuity. This behavior is costly, risky, and time-consuming. If you’re thinking about changing your data-hoarding behavior, Gartner has some recommendations for you in this paper.
Governing unstructured data chaos
Of all data that organizations store, 69% contains no legal, regulatory, or business value, and 52% of corporate information that requires protection is not currently protected.
Without a proactive approach to understanding what you have, where it is, and what kind of value is associated with it, the risk hiding in your data could destroy your company.

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