InfoScale Availability

InfoScale Availabilityprovides high availability and disaster recovery over any distance for your critical business services, including individual databases, custom applications, and complex multitier applications across physical and virtual environments.
Intelligent monitoring for applications and infrastructure detects possible risks to availability and automatically recovers applications when needed. InfoScale automatically detects site outages and either automatically or at your command will recover to a disaster recovery site. With built-in testing to proactively detect and report potential problems before they have an impact on IT services, InfoScale Availability helps minimize unwanted downtime of your critical business services.
Availability over any distance – Disaster recovery automated at every step
Disaster recovery is more than replicating data. For mission-critical applications that must remain online even in the event of a site failure, your disaster recovery strategy should also include automated application recovery.
InfoScale Availability gives you disaster recovery over any distance, allowing your organization to deploy both local high-availability and remote clustering for a complete disaster recovery solution.
Migrate applications with a single click between servers in a local data center in the same metro region, or move all applications to a data center thousands of miles away.
Maximum availability for physical and virtual infrastructure
Multiple platforms often mean multiple high-availability tools, and with them, increased complexity. This complexity can increase administrative costs and present a higher likelihood of error.
InfoScale Availability is the only solution that supports all leading operating systems, including UNIX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and virtual platforms including VMware ESX, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), Oracle VM, and Microsoft Hyper-V.
Ensure maximum uptime with a single solution for high availability and disaster recovery across your entire IT environment.
Automated disaster recovery testing – Seamlessly test your disaster recovery strategy anytime.
Your production environments are constantly changing. Having a regular cadence of testing your disaster recovery strategy is critical to guarantee a successful recovery in the event of an outage.
InfoScale Availability includes Fire Drill, a tool that simulates disaster recovery tests by starting up an application at the disaster recovery site as it would in an actual disaster. Because it is a simulation, Fire Drill does not disrupt production applications, so it can be run as often as necessary, eliminating the need for extensive manual weekend testing.
Out-of-box support for applications, databases, and replication technologies
Installing other clustering solutions often requires long consulting projects and custom scripting to support the different applications and databases in your environment.
With InfoScale Availability, get off-the-shelf support for a wide range of applications, including SAP®, BEA®, Siebel®, Oracle applications, Microsoft Exchange, and PeopleSoft®, as well as enterprise-class databases such as Oracle, DB2®, Microsoft SQL Server®, and Sybase®.
In addition, get full support for your data mover of choice, including Veritas replicator technologies, Hitachi® TrueCopy, HP® Continuous Access XP, HP Continuous Access EVA, EMC® SRDF, EMC RecoverPoint, EMC MirrorView, NetApp® SnapMirror, IBM® Metro Mirror, IBM Global Mirror, IBM HADR, IBM XIV, Oracle Data Guard, and more.

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