Reflection Desktop for X

The X Factor
Only one PC X server has what it takes.


Step aside, UNIX workstation. PC X servers on desktop PCs are now fully capable of running the sophisticated graphical apps you once called your own. But after more than a decade of X-focused development, there’s one PC X server solution that stands apart from the rest. They call it Reflection Desktop for X (formerly Attachmate Reflection Desktop for X).

Team PC X server with terminal emulator.
Connect to graphics and text-based applications on IBM, UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS hosts.

Watch designs come alive.
Render and display 2D/3D graphical X Window applications with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Leave and rejoin.
Start a project in the office and rejoin it later from a different desktop.

Integrate the host and IAM.
Easily extend IAM security benefits to host systems.

Encrypt data in motion.
Protect data with the latest SSL/TLS, SSH, FTP, and Kerberos technologies.

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