Reflection for Secure IT

Advanced Persistent Protection
Control privileged user and stop advanced persistent threats.


Files on the move need maximum protection from unscrupulous privileged users and advanced persistent threats. In addition to securing C2B and B2B transfers, you need a way to automate and control your massive file transfer operation. Reflection for Secure IT (formerly Attachmate Reflection for Secure IT) the Micro Focus family of SSH products, does it all.

Transfer files safely.
Send all communications through encrypted SSH tunnels.

See all, manage all.
Gain centralized visibility and web-based control of your entire file transfer operation.

Automate business processes.
Automate the transfer of files, including pre- and post-transfer processing.

Strengthen authentication.
Require Public Key Authentication (PKI) Certificates, rather than passwords, for accessing your SFTP server.

Expose files for inspection.
Stop advanced persistent threats by exposing files for third-party inspection.

– Reflection for Secure IT Client for Unix
– Reflection for Secure IT Client for Windows
– Reflection for Secure IT Server for Unix
– Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows
– Reflection for Secure IT Gateway

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