The Ultimate Terminal Emulator
Always performing. Always evolving.

Big Iron. Host. Mainframe. Call them what you will, these trusty machines still store the data that drives your business. For 30+ years, Reflection (formerly Attachmate Reflection) terminal emulation software has worked behind the scenes to connect people to that data. Pharmacists. Air traffic controllers. Ticket agents. Your neighbors. Even your 90-year-old grandmother. Reflection makes life easier for everyone. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Connect people to data.
Connect desktop, web, and mobile users to critical host data.

Maintain desktop control.
Configure, secure, deploy, and update host sessions with ease.

Protect your data.
Use layers of security to shield data in motion and at rest.

Enhance productivity.
Make host applications as intuitive as Office apps.

– Reflection Desktop
– Reflection for the Web
– Reflection ZFE
– Reflection Mobile
– Reflection Desktop for X
– Host Access Management and Security Server

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