System Recovery

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Minimize downtime and avoid disaster by easily recovering individual data files/folders, Exchange email messages, SharePoint, documents or complete systems in minutes – even to different hardware, virtual environments, or remote locations.
– Single unified image-based solution that protects both virtual and physical machines.
– Backs up servers, virtual machines, and desktops and laptops automatically without disrupting user productivity.
– Provides fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of data and systems
Protects desktops, laptops, servers, and virtual machines
System Recovery includes key benefits for customers along with updated support for Windows®, Linux®, VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V®, and Citrix™ XenServer™ operating systems and applications. With System Recovery you can:
– Dramatically minimize downtime; avoid revenue and employee productivity losses in the event of a system failure
– Meet strict recovery time objectives with fast, automated system recovery that takes just four simple steps
– Save on hardware costs
– Easily perform hardware refreshes and migrations
– Simplify IT administration by centrally managing backup and recovery tasks for multiple servers across your entire organization with System Recovery Management Solution or System Recovery Monitor Solution (included at no charge)
Superior backup and disaster recovery
A single, unified solution for backup and disaster recovery for servers, desktops, and laptops that enables businesses to recover from downtime or disasters in minutes.
– Fast, automated, and flexible restoration options
– Advanced virtualization capabilities
– Advanced backup scheduling and AES security
– Storage efficiency
– Flexible, powerful reports
– Proven, trusted, and reliable
Editions for every need – Protecting more than one million systems in over 40 countries and counting
Choose the right edition for you – at a price point you can afford.
– Desktop Edition –Licensed per workstation
– Small Business Server Edition – Includes Granular Restore Option. Licensed per server
– Server Edition – Includes Granular Restore Option and 1 license of System Recovery Desktop Edition. Licensed per server
– Virtual Edition – Includes unlimited System Recovery Server Edition licenses for use in virtual machines on a single virtual host. Licensed per host
– Linux Edition –Licensed per server

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