Capture the Power of Legacy
Fuel mobile apps, cloud initiatives, process automation, and more.


Updating and integrating enterprise systems can be challenging enough, but legacy applications—with their built-in barriers—make the task even tougher. With Verastream (formerly Attachmate Verastream) IT can maintain business momentum and avoid some of the most notorious technology obstacles.

Free up host assets.
Build web, mobile, and cloud-based apps with legacy data and logic.

Service-enable CICS apps.
Reuse CICS applications without the typical challenges.

Create new workflows.
Use an intuitive tool to transform services into processes.

Expand mobility.
Access IBM applications from any device.

– Verastream Bridge Integrator
– Verastream Host Integrator
– Verastream Process Designer
– Verastream Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unisys and Airlines

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